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Capturing the Beauty of Life.
Revealing the Beauty of Soul.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Do you have a studio?

I am an on-location photographer, which means I work exclusively on-site for my sessions. Because my artistic focus is to capture authentic moments in natural environments, I choose not to work inside a fabricated studio. However, when necessary or requested, I can easily set up a studio-style session in most indoor locations.

2.) What sort of editing is done to the images?

For every session & event, all images are evaluated one-by-one & only those of the best quality are included in your collection. Standard image evaluation includes lighting adjustments & red-eye removal. Professional editing includes editing for artistic color conversions and facial retouching for teeth whitening & blemish removal as needed.

My artistic style encourages the love & appreciation for your natural appearance by avoiding over-processed image effects and misleading, artificial body alterations. I also do not do composite work or extensive background changes. All retouching is done to enhance the raw beauty & emotion captured in the image. 

Visit the Image Portfolio page to view photography samples.

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3.) Do sessions include digital files to print?

Yes, all sessions include either small-print or large-print digital files. Small-print digital files are low-resolution & formatted to be printed no larger than 4x6. Printing any larger will result in blurry & pixelated images. Small-print files are also easily shareable online. Large-print digital files are much higher resolution & can be printed in 8x10 & beyond with clear and sharp results. These files are best for creating wall art for home or office decor. Large-print images are also shareable online, but the file size is much bigger.

Even with printing ability, what is common is that once clients get their digital files, they leave their wonderful works to gather dust on a disc or just take up space on a hard drive. Or even worse, if the client does print them, the colors are poor & inaccurate or the wrong print size crops off a vital piece of the image, making once lovely art appear cheap & unattractive. My goal is for you to come away with not just beautiful art but also beautiful displays of your art. So that your beloved images can be seen & shared the way they are meant to be, I offer a variety of exclusive art displays suited for your personal decor. I work with you to select the perfect pieces that will best exhibit your photographic memories for you & future generations to treasure & enjoy.  

4.) My best friend/uncle/cousin has a fancy camera & will take pictures for free. Why should I invest in a professional photographer?

Photography is a vast & ever-growing field with more & more photographers being added every day. But there is much more to being a professional photographer than simply having a "fancy camera." Creating an image isn't just clicking a button, it involves understanding the technical aspects such as how to adjust ISO, aperture, & shutter speed settings to suit the environment. While a free amateur may seem sufficient, it costs you priceless time & energy if your images come out poorly. Professional photographers, on the other hand, are as invested in your images as you are. Experienced photographers know how to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, & can capture the moment with casual ease, not obnoxious interference.

Furthermore, a skilled photographer knows how to properly conduct him/herself both as an artist & as a professional, providing you with not just wonderful images but also expert customer service. A professional communicates with you in a timely manner, answering all questions & addressing any concerns, & handles not just your images but also your relationship with care. No freebie in the world is worth poor service.

So when it comes to your treasured images, don’t settle for average, unattractive pictures taken by a close friend who seems like a professional. Invest in having your images artistically composed & beautifully crafted by a professional who feels like a close friend.

If your images are truly a priority, aren't they worth paying for?

5.) I'd love to work with you but I don't live in your service area. Do you travel?

I sure do! My base location is Charlotte, North Carolina but I travel everywhere & anywhere to create Soul Art. We can arrange for me to travel to you (or even travel with you!) to capture your moments.

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