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Prints & Wall Art

It is common with many photographers to include digital files with their services. But what is just as common is that after clients get the digital files they never actually print them, leaving their wonderful works to gather dust on a disc or just take up space on a hard drive. Or even worse, if the client does print them, the colors are poor & inaccurate or the wrong print size crops off a vital piece of the image, making once lovely art appear cheap & unattractive.

My goal is for you to come away with not just beautiful art but also beautiful displays of your art. So that your beloved images can be seen & shared the way they are meant to be, I offer a variety of exclusive art displays suited for your personal decor. I work with you to select the perfect pieces that will best exhibit your photographic memories for you & future generations to treasure & enjoy.

At your session you can check out my catalogue of demo items to see and feel which wall art is best for you!

*The below product images are samples only. Photography content is copyrighted to the original artists.

Modern Mounted Prints


Textured lustre or metallic prints on lightweight panels. Ready-to-hang with attached mounting block.

11x14 ~ $75
12x18 ~ $100
16x24 ~ $125
24x36 ~ $250

Natural Wood Prints


Images printed directly onto solid maple boards.
Ready-to-hang with attached mounting block.
11x14 ~ $100
12x18 ~ $150
16x24 ~ $200
24x36 ~ $400

Single Metal Print


Single Metal Print Images printed on vibrant, color-infused aluminum sheets. Ready-to-hang with attached mounting block.

11x14 ~ $100
12x18 ~ $150
16x24 ~ $200
24x36 ~ $400

Double Metal Print


One metal print mounted onto a second larger metal print, creating a floating frame effect.

11x14 ~ $200
12x18 ~ $300
16x24 ~ $500
24x36 ~ $900

Gallery Thin Wrap


Frameless, laminated prints edge-wrapped around lightweight boards. Choice of lustre or metallic paper. Ready-to-hang with attached mounting block.

11x14 ~ $100
12x18 ~ $150
16x24 ~ $200
24x36 ~ $400

Fine Art Canvas Wrap


Museum-quality Giclée canvas printed with archival ink & edge-wrapped on a deep, ready-to-hang 2 ½ inch thick frame.

11x14 ~ $150
12x18 ~ $200
16x24 ~ $250
24x36 ~ $500

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