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Natural Black & White Portraits

Natural Black & White Portraits capture completely authentic and untouched beauty. Using only the light available in your home, these casual sessions emphasize holistic Self love and Self acceptance. There is no pressure to create a false or "improved" version of you; in fact, no make-up is allowed and overdressing is highly discouraged!

Just as you are in your most natural element, so are the images. There is no facial retouching, and the only image adjustments are for lighting and shadow. All portraits are shot in monochrome directly in-camera with no color versions created, giving every capture a classic feel.

Natural Black & White Portraits are ideal for any person who is open to experiencing deep connection with Self through the vulnerability of photographic art. Sessions are for one to two people, and can include loving couples.

Session Fee


One to two people

Multiple outfits/looks

60-minute session in the privacy of your home

Photographer selection of 10 of your best images

Professional adjustment of image lighting and shadow

Images received in hi-resolution format
(300 ppi, printable to 24x36)

14-day online viewing & download gallery

Limited license for non-retail printing & use


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