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Social Event Photography

Social Event Photography captures those great moments shared between you & your extended network of loved ones, guests, and supporters at performances, private gatherings, personal celebrations, & professional affairs. Action-focused rather than artistry-oriented, this service is ideal for when your primary need is the presence of a dedicated photographer.

I provide snapshot images of your event that capture the happenings & exchanges going on while you mingle & enjoy yourself. Casual yet professional, I mesh myself with the crowd, floating through your function & engaging with your guests to catch those priceless, in-the-blink-of-an-eye expressions that you’ll be glad you didn’t miss!

Floating Photography Coverage

$100 per hour

Photojournalistic coverage of social events such as parties, receptions, reunions, performances, festivals, & more. 
(excludes weddings & commitment ceremonies)

Unlimited snapshot images per hour

14-day online viewing & download gallery

Receive all event images in small-print (4x6) digital format
(Upgrade to large-print for $100)

4x6 Print Station

$50 per hour

Prints made on location and sold directly to event guests for $10 each 
OR pre-purchase a set number of prints at $5 each
(100 prints minimum)

Professional 4x6 color prints in high-quality black or white folder frames

Studio-style umbrella lighting setup with optional black or white cloth backdrop

Receive unedited small-print (4x6) digital files of all images captured
(Upgrade to large-print for $100)

14-day online viewing & download gallery

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